"Let's Christmas!"
 Is a project that I decided a few years ago to start, at the request of clients and that if the first year was at the level of my expectations being limited only to clients, in the following years has become a challenge for myself, from year to year bringing more clients, more experience, getting last year to exceed my expectations.

 Below are some frequently asked questions for useful details:

- Where will the Christmas themed photo shoot take place?

- The photo sessions will be held in a studio, specially arranged with different seasonal decorations, 
in the town Braine le Comte 7090

- What is the cost and duration of a photo shoot?
- For the first package, the cost of a photo shoot, - 100 E. Duration +/- 45 minutes.
- The second package will be 130 E 

- How many photos are included in the price?

- For the first package -  the price includes 8 photos, all edited for light and color correction, at the level of the portfolio in JPEG format, at Full HD resolution.
- For the second package - 
the price includes 15 photos, all edited for light and color correction, at the level of the portfolio in JPEG format, at Full HD resolution. 

- How do we receive the photos?
- The photos are delivered in about 4 working days, they are uploaded to a website in a secure online gallery with the password, where you can see and choose the 8/15 (depends by the package) photos you like that you can download for free.

- If we want more photos can we get them?
- Yes, all the photos will be uploaded to the site to view them, from where you can choose and download for free 12 photos (included in the price already paid) and if you still want, you can download as much as you like and want, for a fee.

- How many people limit a photo shoot?
- Normally baby photo sessions refer to babies, but we cannot deprive them of the joy of taking pictures with their parents, I even recommend 1-2 photos with moms, 1-2 photos with dads, 1-2 photos together...  Ideally, a photo shoot should be limited to parents and children, but as long as extra photos can be purchased at extra cost, it would not be a problem to purchase more photos with grandparents for example.

- do we bring baby clothes, or are they included in the studio supplies?
- clothes for babies, both for girls and boys, between 0 and 4-5 years old are included in the studio supplies. Even for parents we have 2-3 themed sweaters.

- reservation required?
- yes, from the experience of the past years, I have learned that a better organization requires reservations. All reservations are made with an account of 30 E, by bank transfer, for which the tax invoice is issued, in this way you have the proof and at the same time the guarantee that on the day and at that time you have a reserved place, and I as a photographer I guarantee that I do not keep the time for nothing or that I have the same day at the same time 5 clients. (The price difference is paid at the end of the session)

you can check availability and book an appointment online with one click here.

the reservation is informative only and will be valid only after confirmation of account payment. In case of non confirmation within 24 hours, the reservation will be automatically canceled

- can reservations be made for the weekend?
- yes, with the specification that the places are limited during the weekend, because in proportion of 70 - 80% the customers will go on the weekend,  most of them/you working during the week, in this way the places available during the weekend occupy the first.

- can the tax invoice be issued?
- yes, we can issue the fiscal invoice for photo services, with the corresponding VAT.
- in case of we cannot reach, will the account be returned?
- it happened, because there are things and situations that we cannot foresee before, it cannot be reached on the day and at the reserved time. In these cases, the advance is not returned, but the meeting is rescheduled at a date and time by mutual agreement, depending on the availability of both parties.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me by accessing the contact page, or on facebook.

Thank you!